The Pokemon Reddit League is excited to announce that beginning next week, we will be publishing a series of blogs on each of the 18 types. This handy guide will provide readers with detailed information and strategies on using each type in various aspects of the Sun-Moon metagame, with an emphasis on each type’s roles in Smogon OU and Monotype formats. The series will showcase each of our community leaders’ unique play styles and expertise.

The series will be published in six parts, with three entries published each week for six weeks. Here is the complete schedule of publications:

January 21st: Grass, Fire, Water

January 28th: Normal, Flying, Bug

February 4th: Electric, Poison, Fighting

February 11th: Ground, Rock, Ice

February 18th: Psychic, Dark, Ghost

February 25th: Dragon, Fairy, Steel


As usual, entries will be posted to /r/PKMNRedditLeague. We hope that you all will find this useful in designing your own teams and challenging our league.

For more information about the series, please contact our moderators.